How to end a date that's not going well

How to End a Date That’s Not Going Well

Ugh. Who hasn’t had to end a date that wasn’t going well?

When you’re on a date that’s not going particularly well, time seems to stand still. Time drags when a date feels more like torture.

Been there. Done it.

Haven’t we all?

Depending on how bad the date is, and why it’s not going well, there are any number of ways to end it early…or not.

One time I was on a first date with someone that I “met” online. This date was destined for disaster the second I saw him in person. He looked ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like his picture. Which completely pissed me off from the jump. 

Nevertheless, we were already in the restaurant, so I thought “well…maybe an appetizer will be quick enough”. 

So we proceeded to order appetizers and drinks. Because I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d been horribly deceived, I had an iced tea. I wasn’t going to have alcohol at all. I just wanted to get out of there. 

I happen to be the type of person that doesn’t mince words when something is obviously not going well. So after some stilted, awkward conversation, I just asked the server for the check, balled up and told this man that I wasn’t ‘feeling any kind of a connection’ and I bounced. 

Should I have stayed, and been more open to finding out who this dude was inside?

No. If the issue was simply that the date was a little awkward, I might have.

But because it wasn’t going well because this person was HELLA dishonest about his appearance, I felt no need to try to prolong it for the sake of sparing his feelings.

Like I said before, how you end a date that’s not going well depends on why it’s not going well. If it just happens to be because there’s simply no connection, no harm, no foul. It happens. Stick it out, enjoy the conversation and the company, and don’t make a second date.

But sometimes it’s hard to ‘stick it out’ when the other person hasn’t made any kind of effort to be honest about who they are. It’s difficult to continue a date with someone who makes you feel like you were manipulated into meeting them.

You want to end the date out of spite…right?

Make a Plan

When you’re on a date that’s not going well, waiting it out for the sake of being polite can often be excruciating. The best and easiest way to end a date that’s not going well, is to prepare for it. Prepare for the possibility that this person will be someone that you want to get away from. 

I know. That sounds harsh, but it really is easier to end a bad date when you have a plan. That way, you’re not stuttering and trying to figure out how to slip away without feeling guilty. 

There it is. Make a plan. It’s that simple.

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