6 Things You Should Never Talk About on a First Date

No matter how “honest” you think you should be on that first date, there are some things you should NEVER tell the person you’re on a first date with right out of the gate, because they’re really not important, and some things really are best left unsaid.

You don’t want to turn off the person you’re dating to the point where they decide that they’re really not interested in you after all!

So, here are some great tips that will help you to not discuss certain topics with your date that you really don’t need to:

1) Never discuss your past boyfriend, girlfriend or former spouse.

No. Just no.

No one wants to hear about how your batshit crazy ex wore rain boots to bed. Sure, it probably makes a great story, but save it for a MUCH later time. For now, stay focused on the present…on  THIS date, and what this new person just might bring to the mix.

2) Don’t talk about how much money you have, or don’t have. 

Few things are worse than that guy (or girl) who can’t HELP but try to FLEX on a date. It’s just annoying! Talking about your financial status can come off one of two ways; like you’re trying to play like you’re “better than  so and so” if you have money, or like you’re hinting at a possible handout if you don’t. It can also come across to your date as your way of telling them that money is the most important thing to you in a relationship.

Either way, keep that noise to yourself. No one wants to hear it.

3) Gossiping about your past dates, friends and family is not a good idea.

It’s really not important that you talk about this kind of stuff with your date. Some people see others who gossip as busy bodies who don’t have shit else to do but be in everyone else’s business. I know that when/if my dates start up with the gossip, I turn right off. They’re usually talking about someone that I don’t know, which is kind of like looking at a total stranger’s vacation photos. It’s boring AF, and it’s a HUGE a turn off. Don’t do it.

5) Don’t Do Magic Tricks!

I know that sounds random and really specific at the same time, but you’d be surprised at just how common it is!

For the love of GOD, spare her the pain and shame of sitting through an impromptu magic show.

I know that if you know magic, you think that this will impress her, but if you hear NOTHING ELSE I say in this episode, hear this; NOBODY LIKES CLOSE UP MAGIC ON THE FIRST DATE. PERIOD. Leave the ‘wiener dog balloons’ at home.

6. Leave your family drama in the family.

Resist the urge to bitch about how your dad’s new girlfriend and your mom don’t get along. No one gives a rat’s ass about the fact that your mom is dating a teenager either. That’s some family drama that you need to leave in the family.

When you’re on a date for the first time with someone new, it’s your time to shine. Leave your ‘baggage’ at home, and just enjoy yourself!


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