The Life of a Single Mom is Kind of Like a Show…

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not a huge watcher of television. Yes, there are the odd couple of shows that I’m addicted to, but that’s honestly just a couple. My attention span is too short to be paying attention to it for much longer.

At The Joy of Ex, I spend a fair amount of time fielding questions that land in my inbox, from single moms trying to find the best way to maintain some semblance of sanity, and I tell them exactly what I do.

Since my divorce, I’ve been known to compare my own life to a TV show.

As the ‘boss’ of my now four person, one parent household (or “the cast” as we’re affectionately known), I’m the Producer and the Principle, or main character. Not to sound ‘big headed’, but everything revolves around me (single mom), because as you mom’s well know, that’s how we roll in real life. If mom decides that she actually wants to do something for herself, the whole damn thing falls apart.

My show is about this crazy life after divorce, that most single mothers can relate to. It includes my three (sometimes insane) children, also known as my co-stars, who test my friggin patience on an hourly basis. Their friends are character actors and guest stars, as are my own friends, family, and dating potentials. There are a couple of things that I’d probably add, but this show is essentially the way that I want it to look.

Single mom…your life is like a show. This is your show. As in life, there’s a camera on you practically at all times, and all of the say as to who you ‘cast’ in that show belongs to you. If you’re dating someone who is proving terrible for ‘ratings’ (ie; the jerk who treats you badly, that your ‘viewers’ and co-stars can’t stand), you simply dump his ass, and easy peasy, you write his ass out of future episodes.

Boom. Done. Next.

Easy, right? Isn’t this fun? 😉

The so-called “best friend” who professes to be your ‘rock’ to your face, but takes any and every opportunity to slag you behind your back? You get to cut that bitch from future episodes too! How you choose to do that is entirely up to you, but you know that the power is yours.

The neighbour who’s constantly needing a favour, never offering to return it; If you were watching this show on TV, would you be yelling at your on-screen self to “just say no!”? This is where you get to take your own advice.

In your show, is your ‘character’ a strong, self-assured woman, or is she that spineless woman who lets others walk all over her? What kind of woman do you see yourself as, in your show?

You create, allow or control everything that goes on in your show. If the person that you’d be in your show, isn’t the person that you are now, what’s holding you back?

Peace xo