Like The Condor, You Can Take That “Leap Of Faith”

Let me tell you a story, about the mighty condor.

There are only 72 left in the United States.  Once a baby is born, it needs to grow.  Hopefully it will last with the nurturing of its mother without being infected by lead in the meat she scavenges to feed it.  Once that baby has lasted 6 months or so, it slowly, by itself, starts to jump out to the rocks close to its home.

It looks up and down, and all around.  It learns how to flap its wings and contemplates its flight.  In order to survive, it must take that “leap of faith”, knowing that if it doesn’t do it right, it will not survive the fall.  But if it does, it could possibly live a long life, creating a family of its own.

So what does this have to do with you?

After a breakup or divorce, it’s a process getting back into the dating and relationship world.

Yes, some people try to rush it, filling a void with whatever or whoever comes their way.  Sometimes, we are even afraid to take that leap again.  However, what I know is this:  It’s a process, and you are not alone.

No one likes to make a mistake.  No one wants to feel as if they have no hope embarking on a new journey with a new partner.  And some jump earlier than they should.  We’ve all done that before.

So here are some helpful steps that will make that leap a little easier and more advantageous;

  1. Take time to go within.

After the end of a relationship, we feel a plethora of emotions, whether it be anger, sadness, or sometimes, relief.  Allow yourself to feel them, but only for a limited time, because you have some internal work to do.  Be your best friend.  This is the time to get to know yourself and what you truly want.  Some of us even accomplish our greatest achievements during this time.  And by far, try to see how the lost relationship allows you the chance to connect with yourself again, making you evolve.

  1. Define what you want, and own it!

If you want to date around, that’s great.  If you want to find a relationship, that’s great.  Know what characteristics you desire in another.  Know your expectations and deal breakers.  Know that you are perfectly fine with not settling for what you don’t want or deserve.  When you own it and stick to it, you can weed out those unfitted, or keep in those that are best suited to enter your life.

  1. Know that you’re not alone.

Enjoy family and friends.  These are the people who will support you at all cost.  Their love is eternal.  One mistake we do make is lessening our time with them once we are romantically involved.  Your family and friends are your roots.  They are your center.  You can’t fly without it!

  1. Take that “leap of faith”

Like the condor, you know when you are physically, emotionally and mentally prepared.  Listen to your authentic self.  The self that is confident in who you are, the self that knows its boundaries, and the same self that has evolved.It doesn’t have to be scary nor doubtful.  So when you are ready, when you’ve connected with yourself, you’ll be able to soar!

10 Signs He Wants to Be Your Boyfriend

Guys tend to have a bad reputation for caring about one thing, and one thing only. But even the biggest player in town soon changes his ways when he meets the right woman; all his personal rules go out the window, and he just can’t stop himself from throwing caution to the wind and giving away some serious “I’m into you” signals.

Are you wondering whether he’s thinking of you as “the one”, or just “the one for right now”?

Here are 10 classic give away signs that he’s hooked;

  1. He compliments your personality traits, not just your looks.

When a guy is only after a hookup, he might try to butter you up by giving some generic compliment that he thinks is flattering, but is dead obvious to you that it’s already been used on 50 other women (today). Instead of just saying something like “hey beautiful,” it’s a totally giveaway when he specifically compliments you on a personality trait like your kindness toward the restaurant server or your ability to quote SpongeBob (someone’s paying attention!)

  1. He’s never “too busy”

A lot of people today lead busy lives. With things like work, school, hobbies, friends and family eating up every second of every waking hour, it can be hard for a guy to fit a gal into his schedule. That being said, he will always find time for a woman he really likes and he won’t make excuses about being “too busy.” Which leads to…

  1. He’s reliable

Instead of the classic, “I’ll let you know”, response to your invite text, he is always reliable and punctual about getting back to you, and trying to fit you into his schedule.

No matter how busy he may be, he won’t take 12 hours to respond to your text or cancel on plans with you unless he has a very good reason for it, like a severe car accident.

  1. He wants to hang out in public places that require clothes

For this guy, “Netflix and Chill” is a thing of the past. If a guy genuinely likes you as a person he will want to spend time with you outside of his bedroom so he can show you off in any sort of public setting where nudity is unacceptable. Bonus points if said public setting occurs during daylight hours and doesn’t involve alcohol. Extra bonus points if the only kind of Netflixing you’re doing together is fully clothed Gilmore Girl marathons. That’s commitment.

  1. He communicates just to say hi

You know he’s thinking of you as something more if he frequently goes out of his way to send you goofy Snapchat selfies or even just a quick good morning text. Guys don’t go out of their way for things that aren’t important to them.

  1. He asks you questions about yourself

He’s curious about your career goals, your family and what makes you tick, and he really listens to what you have to say. He wants to know about you as a whole to see where he fits in, not just your bra size and how soon he’s going to “fit in” to your bed.

  1. He takes things slow, or sticks around if things move fast

He doesn’t pressure you into sex on the first date and then call you a prude if you say no. He waits until you’re ready because making sure you’re comfortable is more important to him than satisfying any sort of sexual needs. On the flip side, he doesn’t lose interest in you or call you a slut if you have sex with him early on. Instead, he admires your enthusiasm around him, and knows it comes from a deeper connection.

  1. He talks about the future with you

If he invites you to his parents 30th wedding anniversary in 6 months’ time, he’s really hoping you’ll still be interested in him by then. Anything planned in advice is a sure sign he is looking to get long-term serious.

  1. He remembers little details about you

You know he’s paying attention when he remembers minor details like your favorite song and then texts you some lyrics from it just because he knows it’ll make you smile.

  1. He straight-up says so

Guys are really pretty simple, for the most part. If they want something, they ask for it, so you can take anything he says directly to be honest truth… as long as it’s not part of a 2 am booty call text.

If even a few of these apply to the guy you’re interested in, you can rest assured that he probably won’t be disappearing any time soon!